New Music Monday: 9/19 - Good-Bye Summer

4:57:00 PM

New week. New vibes. New season.

I don't know about you, but Monday's get me pretty excited. Not only do we have a new opportunity to make all that we didn't like better this week, we're going to be ushering in a new season. If anyone out there loves Fall/Autumn as much as I do, than you can understand my excitement. I mean seriously, great weather, Halloween, leaves changing, fall fashion, and so much more... how can you go wrong?

Quite frankly, I'm ready for the mellow vibes and new tunes. This week is all about ushering in and saying good-bye. If you're indulging in your new 'Summer Love' or letting go of that "old thang", there's a vibe for everyone. Of course if you're anything like me, you're probably just down to tune in and zone out. Whatever your pleasure is, I invite you to hit shuffle, turn it up a notch and let yourself go.

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