Travel Tuesday: Behind the Scenes #1in700 Denver Pt. 2

3:45:00 PM

With so much excitement surrounding the #1in700 movement, it's a bit hard to catch up! Nonetheless, it's been a beautiful feeling watching it flourish and seeing all these new warriors making themselves known. The love and sense of fellowship that this project fills me with, lies in a realm of it's own. 

If you didn't get a chance to see my initial post "Behind the Scenes: Denver Pt.1" make sure you check that out & fill yourself in! Even though I wasn't able to make it back to Denver for the "Dash for Smiles" run event, you better believe Zack has all the content you need. 

In addition to the "behind the scenes" photos, you can also check out the news interviews with Zack and a few familiar faces, discussing #1in700 for Denver's Channel 9 News as well as LA's very on CBS.



Jamie Bell


Jamie Peachey

Click here to watch Denver Channel 9 News Interview.


CBS LA Channel 2 News: 

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