New Music Monday: 5/23

11:43:00 AM

Ready to kick off a new week with a new month just around the corner?  It's been two weeks since i've brought you a "New Music Monday" playlist, so you know I had to follow up with some hits. Every day that I come up on a new sound or new artist, my love for music gets stronger & deeper. I hate to hear when people say "good music is dead". Yes, i'm a huge fan of the older music, but there are original sounds emerging everyday. Whether you're looking to 'turn up', wind down, zone-out, or take it back, my goal is to bring you a taste of all that you need & more every Monday! Some of it you'll like, & some you won't, but there's something for everyone... so enjoy!

*P.S.: Chance The Rapper: Coloring Book (let that sink in)

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