1in700 Photobook: Los Angeles

2:55:00 PM

" 1in700 is a fine art photography book on those with cleft lip and palate. I am trying to gain as much momentum and exposure with the GoFundMe campaign. I want to meet as many clefties as possible but I NEED YOUR HELP! Watch, share, donate! This project will only be possible with everyone's help." - Zack Rodetis-Urenda 

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The first 10 entries of the photobook were taken in Los Angeles. The participants range from entry #1- Baby Julian, to the feisty 14 yr old Karla - entry #7, & rounding off with exquisite dancer Jim - entry #7. 

Every single person allowed Zack to not only learn about their personal cleft journey, but also allowed him photograph and showcase the great beauty that shines in us all. 

He couldn't have explained it any better: 
"We put on our armor to fight the fear society has shoved upon us for looking "different." Every person I have photographed so far walked into their photo shoot and checked their armor at the door. These soldiers granted me entrance into their most personal of spaces to capture something breathtaking."

Entry #1 Julian Nieves

Entry #2 Dan Olsen

Entry #3 Adriana Lopez

Entry #4 Stacie Balasbas

Entry #5 Lake Everly

Entry #6 Abraham Ramirez

Entry #7 Karla Rivera

Entry #8 Maddie Jo Bivens

Entry #9 Silvia Serrano

Entry #10 Jim Nowakowski

Be on the lookout for the upcoming entries from Denver, behind the scenes footage from the shoots, as well as images of the beautiful Castle Marne.

In the meantime... check out 1in700.com

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