Spring Break Pt.1: Welcome to Miami

5:27:00 PM

I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into when I booked my flights to Miami & New York for spring break. What I was sure about, was the fact that I was going to explore to no end, and stay thinking outside the box. I figure, if you're somewhere you've never been, you should do something you've never done. 

Now, if you read my pre Adventure-Time post (click to check it out), you'll see I attempted to make an itinerary. Even though I clearly stated that I was no good at following them. Hence why I pretty much failed to do almost everything I said I would, but making up for it with plenty of other adventures.

I took tons of photo and video, so i'll be breaking the trips down into two posts. As for the first leg of the trip... WELCOME TO MIAMI!

   My Airbnb

If you haven't had the chance to check out the many amazing spaces Airbnb offers around the world. I don't think there is a better godsend, aside from Uber. I definitely didn't want to be in the heart of the hustle & bustle of Miami Beach, so I opted out for something a bit close enough yet far enough away. My host not only had a comfortable & inviting home, but he showed me around the private park to his community, as well invited me to try some amazing authentic Haitian dishes from a local eatery around the way.

Coral Gables: Car Show

Random Road Trip to Tampa 

Generally, anytime I travel, I have to find a few parks or trails to break in. I randomly decided to take a relaxing four-hour drive from South Miami to Tampa. Along the way, I followed signs leading to Lettuce Lake Park. Even though I caught the park about an hour before it closed, I was still able to enjoy the scent of nature. As I strolled around the park, I listened to the birds & ran into a few friendly faces. I definitely thought I was going to get lost before they closed, but thank goodness I found my way out. Good ol Dora the Explorer in me!

When I got to Tampa, I was immediately enthralled by the Tampa Museum of Art. Along the outside of the building & leading up to the river walk, I couldn't help but snap the beautiful sculptures guarding the way. Once I was finished oogling, I started along my walk around around the Hillsborough River.

Miami Beach

Once I was done playing around in Tampa, I took the remainder of the evening to rest & headed back down towards Miami early the following morning. I pretty much went to Miami Beach everyday, walked around, basked in the beautiful sun & enjoyed a few daiquiris from Wet Willies. Truly, it was an experience in it's own & the photos only capture a glimpse of the madness. But it was beautiful madness nonetheless... I even found a man with my next destination on his bag!

Now, if you really want to live vicariously through me & my trip, you'll keep an eye out for the behind the scenes video on YouTube. That's where you'll catch my 1AM Vibes turn up with the YesJulz Agency as well as tons of other random street performances & surprise guests.

Stay tuned for Pt 2, where i'm finally taking a bite out of The Big Apple.


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