New Music Monday 2/29: Going Up On A Tuesday

3:58:00 PM

Alright, alright, I know what you're thinking... "How are you just gonna hit me with "New Music Monday" on a Tuesday?" Simple... just like that.

 I figured, i'm better late than never right? Hopefully, I can make up for it by giving you not only a playlist of hot singles, but a full album from a man with an awesome sound. 

This week brings you a slew of variety. Whether you're tryna "Whip It" with Bia aka Perico Princess,  visit Cloud 9 with Euroz & his smooth single "Cannabis", or get inside the vibes with 9192, as they bring you their new single "Autumn", your music palate should be satiated.

Grab your earphones & get to vibing, because it's going up on a Tuesday!

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