New Music Monday 2/22: The Old, The New, The Local

3:47:00 PM

Alright, so I know I've been slacking on the new music. In effort to make it up, I've brought you a nice variety of sounds to check out. Truthfully,YesJulz has been keeping me busy with her playlists. Unfortunately, SoundCloud recently shut her page down on some BS. Hopefully, she'll be back up with the exclusives on her "New Music Monday". Until then, check out her agency's page...& If you haven't heard of her, GOOGLE.


This first track, isn't quite new but new to me. Here's the Finessin remix by Baby E ft. Kevin Gates & Lil Bibby. Head over to SoundCloud to hear the original version as well as additional remixes.


Next up, I've got something for you Bryson Tiller lovers. He teams up on Sy Ari Da Kid's new single, 'Priorities'. All I can say is, make it a priority to check out this song. This is r&b goodness you don't want to miss.


Thank goodness for friends who like good music. When asking for music suggestions, a friend told me to check out this artist named D. Niro. I trust her musical judgment, especially adding that "he was a young dude from my hometown, killin it... Definitely up next". I'm going to second that motion. I'm diggin his sound & can't help but love that he's a left-coaster. (West-Coast)

Did you like what you heard?! What's your favorite track? Don't forget to head over to SoundCloud to hear more from these great artist. Until next Monday... make this week YOURS!

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