Adventure-Time: New York City & Miami

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How do you chose where you're going to travel? Do you check out "Top 10" lists, or do you spin the globe & chose at random?

I personally get a thought in my mind about a place i've never been, & at that moment it gets added to "The List". My list is compiled of places to go, things to see, people to meet & so much more. Last Year, Seattle got crossed off the list. This year, I knew I wanted to do more traveling than I ended up knocking out in 2015.

Like Seattle, I got tired of talking about wanting to visit & just made time to get it done. Especially when I lived on the East Coast for 6 years & never made my way to either spot. With school back in action, I have to be strategic with my travels. I figured, no better way to spend my spring break, than getting bronzed up laying out on a beach in Miami. Yet at that moment, the cherry blossom lined parks of New York in the springtime, took over my mind. That's when the great debate began. I started raising pros & cons, unsure of which way to go. Then it dawned on me... "Kayak Explore". Like most travel sites, Kayak has an "Explore" tab in which you pretty much see where your money will take you & when. I started playing around with each destination for different times, then I just decided to check & see how much it would cost for a multi-trip. (LAX-MIA-MIA-JFK-JFK-LAX)
Lo & behold, there they were for a mere $312!

Your read that that right! I booked plane tickets from Los Angeles to Miami, Miami to New York & New York back home to LA, ALL for pretty much the price of one ticket. I usually spend $400 minimum on one round-trip to Raleigh or Atlanta. That's most likely because I used to be the queen of "travel procrastination". Even then, I booked these tickets less than a month away from my travel date & still came out victorious. My first travel hack mission... COMPLETE!

Anytime I travel, I like to do a little bit of research on where i'm going. I'm not really into visiting over-saturated touristy places, but I do like to get the feel of the culture & learn a bit of history. Not to mention, I've never been good at following the whole "itinerary" thing. I like to roam about & stumble upon great gems you may otherwise never know existed. Considering i've never been to either place & they both carry their own diversity, I knew I wanted to go empty handed  & come home not only full of experiences but full of clothes & yummy food!

So, I decided to compile a list of 3 places or things I wanted to do in each destination.
Experience, Eat, & Enjoy!

First Stop: 5 Days in Miami

#1: Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach

Despite the tragedy of the era, I've always been extremely drawn to the time & people of the Holocaust. Being as though, "The Museum of Tolerance" in Los Angeles is one of my favorite museums to frequent, I couldn't pass up the viewing of the Holocaust Sculpture located on Miami Beach. Through the photos alone, the impact is felt. "The Sculpture of Love and Anguish" displays a range of emotions. From the pain filled expressions to the sweet embrace of mother & child, I plan to allow myself to experience all that which arises.

Photo Courtesy of:
Photo Courtesy of:

#2: Little Havana - Calle Ocho

I don't know about you, but when I think of Cuba, I instantly get excited! My mind automatically goes to delicious food, cultural pride, & authentic cigars. Now that we have the green light to "dirty dance" into Havana, I figured i'd get my feet wet & kill 2 birds with one stone. I haven't quite made it across the border yet, but you better believe it's on "The List." Until then, i'll enjoy all that Little Havana has to offer me. You better believe i'm not starting my day off without first visiting the famous Versailles Cuban Restaurant for a "Cortadito", which happens to be a tame version of a Cafecito:"a frothy, coal-colored concoction that appears to be made from equal parts espresso and refined sugar", but with a splash of condensed milk.

Photo Courtesy of:

#3: Thrifting!

I wasn't playing when I said I was traveling light. I'm literally bringing a suitcase in which I can fit another empty bag along with an outfit or two inside. I plan on being a bit of everywhere, so I looked up a few thrift stores in all locations. To my delight, one of my favorite thrift store is located in two places throughout the Miami area, Out of the Closet. I'm also excited to check out Little Haiti Thrift Shop as well as Give Good Works & more.

Next Up: 5 Days in New York

#1: Brooklyn Bridge Park/Central Park

As I mentioned above, I'm not really interested in Tourist attractions, but there are just some places I refuse NOT to visit. For me, no trip to New York can be complete without visiting Central Park & snapping a pic in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. Hopefully I can catch free Yoga in the park somewhere, or maybe just sit on a bench & stare off into oblivion. Let's see what the weather permits.

Photo By: Michael Kafka

#2: Big Gay Ice Cream

Considering i'm not sure how the weather is going to treat me, I plan on going wherever the wind blows me. I DO know, that I'm one of those people who likes to eat ice-cream given whatever the weather may be. What better way to satisfy my craving, then to visit the highly talked-about 'Big Gay Ice Cream' shop. From what i've heard, not only are these handsome men super awesome & playful, but their yummy concoctions aren't something to be passed up.

 Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff

#3: Thrifting!

You know I couldn't leave without adding some East Coast flare to my ever-changing wardrobe. I'm super excited because the list of thrift stores seem never-ending. A few shops I plan to check out include: Beacon's Closet, Angel Street Thrift Shop, Cure Thrift Shop & more.

Photo Courtesy of:
So there you have it, a glimpse into what my upcoming adventure to Miami & New York may look like. I plan to put out a couple of short posts, summarizing each leg of the trip. I will also be vloging my time in order to bring something visual to check out on YouTube.

Be sure to be on the look out for a new edition of "New Music Monday". If you have music to submit, or know anyone who may be interested in submitting, feel free to drop me a note on here or email me directly.
Until Take-off,

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