California Winter

2:59:00 PM

Coat - Styles For Less | Sweater - Thrifted | Jeans & Boots - Forever 21| Jewelry (except Quartz necklace) - Claire's


To my delight, I can say that California is actually experiencing what most of you call a "Winter", or something like it. There's been no abundance of rain or snow but we are experiencing pretty chilly weather. Chilly for us Californians that is... Luckily for me, living in North Carolina for 6 years or so, made me pretty unbiased to the California weather. Even though you can experience every type of weather imaginable in a weeks span while living in NC, you can't but help to love & appreciate the fact that you actually have seasons.

I based my outfit around this white & black men's sweater I bought while you guessed it.... Thrifting! I only paid a good $2.99 for it & couldn't wait to wash & wear. I even felt a little girly & decided to stack  on some accessories

Stay on the lookout, because I will be uploading YouTube videos & writing more posts on many the thrifted look books I have for you.
Until next look!

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