Whurl Presents: Shop N' Pop Up w/ The Hood Witch & Many More Awesome Folks!

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If you're anything like me, you love to be original; what better way to do that than by wearing vintage  & thrifting up a storm. With the exception of thrift stores, I'm really not a fan of shopping in stores... especially for clothes. On Saturday, I stumbled upon a pop-up shindig presented by Whurl & friends. 

"Whurl is a vintage clothing and accessories marketplace dedicated to changing the way we shop and giving customers a voice."
Nestled in DTLA's Fashion District (824 S Los Angeles Street, #500), more than a handful of vendors set-up shop in this cutely decorated studio space. Some of them were local, like amazing artist & designer Robin Eisenberg from RobinEisenberg.com, while there were those that came from states away like the gorgeous ladies of HelloHoliday.com, Megan & Sarah & many more. Not to mention, the grateful source responsible for me hearing about this event, Bri from TheHoodWitch.com

I've literally adored this goddess since day one of finding her on twitter a couple of years ago. I barely missed her pop-shop that happened earlier in the year, around the time I took a little weekend trip to Seattle WA, where she's based now. That sure didn't stop me from ordering a few crystals from her though. Which is why it was really nice to finally meet the great 'modern mystic', as well as experience the great sense of energy she brings with her through her beautiful pieces & products.

Continue to check out the pictures below from this awesome event. Did I forget to mention the rum-infused punch, sodas from Hollywood's Original Shirley Temple Soda Pop, and sweets provided by Circus of Cakes? Oh, & to top it off, 15% of all sales will be donated to Girls For A Change, an organization that provides support programs for young girls living in low-income households.

Pretty damn awesome right?

Don't forget to catch up with these great entrepreneurs by following them on their social networks or checking out their personal sites for all kinds of great finds! 

Sam the Founder Whurl: IG:@EarthGirlsAreEasy
                                   @The HoodWitch

I hope something caught your eye & made you check around. Until next time!


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