City of Dreams: Ready for A New Dose of Dreams & Drama?

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I’m not much for watching reality television anymore, due to the fact that it always seems to follow the same dialogue; Who’s sleeping with who? Who stopped being friends? and so on. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always one two who have their share of drama, but still remain tactful & are working towards far greater things other than bickering for a living. These are the type of people I usually watch the show for.

That’s where the new reality series City of Dreams comes to save the day. Not only does this show bring you drama, it highlights a variety of LA’s up & coming entertainers striving to achieve their goals & dreams. 

The cast includes the beautiful & ambitious, former Miss Panama Liza Hernandez. You may know her as Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend, but she’s definitely focused on breaking that mold & building her own life & career in a more positive spotlight. 

Alongside her we have Tresla Gilbreath, head of Multi Facet Inc. Management Group based in Beverly Hills. She represents great models & talents such as the gorgeous Lauren 'LoLo" Woods, a regular on Nick Cannon's hilariously funny "Wild N' Out!" & has been working closely with Hollywood's premier acting coach Dustin Felder, who most recently trained the 4 actors playing the role of NWA in this year's hit film 'Straight Out Of Compton'.  This woman isn't just looking to make a name for her clients, she's making herself known in a male dominated industry. Watch out!

Next up, Stevie Boi! I've known of this lovely androgynous man for a few years thanks to his longstanding luxury eyewear line called SB Shades, which has been fearlessly worn by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Kanye West, and many more; When he's not making beautiful eye-wear, he's cutting up designs & preparing to wow us with his clothing, releasing his latest collection called 'CR3AM'.

Elle Royal a ‘Femcee’ (Female Emcee), formerly known as Patwa, not only represents the classy women, she bringing the 90's back with her rugged New York sound. Watch her bridge the gap with her versatile look & sound.

To round out the rest of the cast we have model/vixen Ayisha Diaz, a booming social media beauty, Lady Selys, an acclaimed female photographer & Empress Skia Bleu, an Asian American rapper & single mother whose position as executive assistant to a multi-millionaire has her keeping deep, dark secrets of the high-profile elite.

Be sure to keep up with the cast by checking out their latest Instagram posts & elsewhere or stay on the lookout for more about the show!

Liza Hernandez: @lizahernandez23
Tresla Gilbreath: @beastla
Stevie Boi: @sbshades
Elle Royal: @elle_royal
Ayisha Diaz: @ayishadiaz
Lady Selys: @ladyselys
Empress Skia Bleu: @empressbleu

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