Sunday-Funday: Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Garden

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In a world full of technological overload & constant movement, sometimes we forget the joy in simplicity. Learning to take a few quiet, timeless moments to ourselves is vital. With so much going on all the time, it's best to try and cultivate a sense of self-awareness. This way, you won't be in mental turmoil, constantly piling life's daily leftovers on top of one another.
That's exactly what I did when I came to the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Garden. I've wanted to visit it for months, I just never made a strong enough effort to go. Fortunately, after a relaxing morning at the spa, I realized to my surprise, the garden wasn't to far from where I was. It was that moment I knew I had to go.
When I arrived I inadvertently found parking on a little street adjacent to the building. It was a beautiful Father's Day, bright & sunny but not scorching hot. When you walk up the the house you have to press the button to be buzzed in.
***Effective May 2015 - Eventbrite Tickets required to enter  grounds*** (Admission is Free)
Since I was a first time visitor, I decided to join along the tour the was being given of the "Guasti Villa.

History of the "Guasti Villa"

PAL&G is housed in a gracious Italian Renaissance mansion, called, in its day, the Guasti Villa. It was built between 1910-1914 by Secundo Guasti, who owned the world's largest winery at the time. In 1937, Busby Berkeley, famous Hollywood director and choreographer, bought the Guasti Villa and resided there adding an additional touch of glamour to the property's history.
                                                                                                               (Read more...)

Once finished with my tour, I decided to do a bit a roaming. I first read my book in a little nook offside the labyrinth (I was waiting for people to finish walking the labyrinth. It's said that the popularity of this place has soared recently which is cause for the eventbrite ticketing.) Once the coast was clear, I made my way to the labyrinth, bought up every though, worry, & confusion to the surface, then pressed along. They say the labyrinth is meditative. You're supposed to allow whatever you need answers to or whatever you're unsure of to be revealed to you as you maneuver your way through the twists and turns of scared geometry.
My tour guide mentioned that the difference between a maze & a labyrinth is the fact that a labyrinth doesn't have a dead end, It always comes back full circle. Hopefully you'll enjoy these pictures enough to maybe reserve a tour & visit. It's a definitely a must-see for my peace seekers in the LA area. It's one of those places you probably drive by a million times a day & don't even realize its there.
You really have to get there to experience the true beauty of this place. The setting it beyond serene & the people you encounter are amazing!
Until next adventure!

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