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bon mélange (m)right mixture (n)

Remember when you were younger & dreamt of being a lawyer, doctor, basketball player, singer, & whatever else we said we'd become? Did you achieve it your dream?
This isn't a trick question & if you answered no, than I'm right behind you my friend. Many of us grew up dreaming big about some type of life we wanted to achieve. We may have even had supportive people along the way, assuring us that if we believe in our dreams they can in fact turn into reality. So why are many of us not where we want to be today?
Even though, I grew up with the tools to become who I wanted to be, it wasn't until I had to strip myself of all the accumulated ways of my past, did I learn how to implement them. Quite honestly, this had to have been one of the most difficult yet fulfilling tasks in my life thus far.
Seriously, try UNLEARNING the way you write... then teach yourself a new method. Not so easy right? Why unlearn anything you ask?
I won't speak for anyone else but myself when I say this, but growing up I know I was very susceptible to my ever-changing environment. Which meant I probably consciously & subconsciously imitated the mindset & actions of the people around me. I feel, a majority of our young selves, if not all, at some point become sponge-like. We take in the things we like, the things we constantly see, as well as the things we don't like.
We grow up enraptured by the bright lights, instant gratification, & constant comparisons. The need of opinions & validation from & of others become second nature to us. If what you want & who you are doesn't fit the mold, it's no good or needs to be changed... or does it?
That's what i'm here for. I'm the young girl who didn't think her skin color was beautiful. I'm the kid who happily received church hand-me-downs because she knew she wouldn't be going school shopping that year. I'm the soul who grew up thinking it was normal to neglect self-love in order to keep those I love happy.
Can you see why re-opening Pandora's box in order for me to heal & move forward became essential? Once the hard part was done, I began to find joy in the little things I used to do & started paying attention to the new joys I was drawn to. I've started, painting sceneries, designing clothes, dancing freely, diving in books, & writing endlessly. If it brings me the most happiness, it gets the most time.
With that said, I now know & fully believe that each & everyone can achieve greatness. We can all be that of which we strive for, it just takes dedication & constant faith that what you want or who you want to be already belongs to you.

"Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive... god-like feature that only the special among us will ever taste. It's something that truly exists in all of us." - Will Smith (Click for video)

That's what i'm here to show off! There are so many different types of amazing people working towards their many dreams. We may all travel different roads, but ultimately they all lead to one place 'Authentic Happiness'. If you're striving towards your dream & becoming the person you want & are meant to be, KUDOS to you!
Everyone has a story & i'd love to hear yours. It's time to shine a light on those that aren't already beaming. It's your time to shine!

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