2:59:00 PM

In your eyes I see life
One that I want for myself
Your internal light shines bright
While my soul screams for help
I wish to share a life of pure love and happiness
Yet I give off confusion and crabbiness
I pray for the day this rutt will be over
Or at least the pace of pain could move a bit slower
My smile will soon be pasted across my face
Even wider on the day my face is covered with lace
I pray that the time I stretch out my hand
For an intimate ceremony in a far away land
My mind will be right
And my heart would be still
Because you still stop it
An involuntary kill
I may not see clear
But I know this is right
I'm trying to fight my fear
And live for tonight
There are things in the world that are out of my hands
But we can achieve our objectives/goals/or plans
It's gonna be you and I till the end
I just need to figure out how to begin
To start with a new and improved me
To show off the person I should be
No more sad, somber, and excusable me
It's time for real business
It's time to be the best I can be

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