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Alright folks, new week... new opportunities!

Aside from my 'Bon Melange' series, I wanted to bring you some more ongoing entertainment.
I've always been a die hard music head. I don't watch tv, I read a million books & I always have my headphones in my ears. Music is the catalyst for my happiness.
I'm always on the search for new music. Just like my style, I remain versatile with the sounds that I listen to. For me, music is more than just a stream of words made in-sync with a beat, MUSIC IS LIFE. Everyone has a story & i'm the ears that want to listen. There's nothing like a lyrical 'author' who can give me a raw glimpse of their story in a song.
With that said, at the beginning of each week i'll be posting my current favorite song or a recent release that you can most likely find in my playlist.
Check out my picks for this week! Let me know what you think about the songs or put me on to something new!

Alright... this first sound is for the love of Hip Hop & good summertime vibes. Hailing from Raleigh NC, rapping duo '9192' (Tre' Mars & Slam) plan on raising consciousness while dominating the summer with their latest mix-tape 'Namaste'.
'Summa Fling' brings that head bobbin, sweet talkin, underground feel. If you catch yourself looking for something to play at your next bbq or while sitting & sipping that ice cold lemonade on your porch this summer, be sure to put this on your playlist.
Check out more of 9192's music, as well as be on the look out for the official 'Namaste' drop.

Next up... something for my roughnecks.
Unlike most people, I didn't hear about Oxygen's 'Sisterhood of Hip Hop' star Siya, from of the show. To be quite honest with you, I've only recently made myself watch episode one of the first season, just to get a glimpse of what it's like. I don't have the attention span for tv & i'm definitely not one to jump into a series already underway. (Hence why i'm still stuck on season one of 'OITNB'.) Pretty pitiful, I know. Sorry Ruby Rose fans!
The first time I heard her was on 'Nigga Like Me' ft. Chris Brown & Problem sometime last year. After months of playing this one song by her, I decided to search around a little more. To my delight, I was actually slacking on the amount of content this 'Bed-Stuy Bully' had under her belt already. 3 mix-tapes later, I'm grateful for this random find.
While waiting on the release of her highly anticipated EP 'What Never Happened', Siya holds us over with something for 'the streets' as she puts it.
"The reason I decided to drop this first, is because this sound will not be the route I go as far as my E.P. So enjoy it now."
Check out the banger below & let me know what you think.

Until next week!

Do you make music or know someone that does?? Send me your links & suggestions... i'm all ears!


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