Eyes Wide Open: Bringing the Vision to Life

12:29:00 PM

Explore the behind the scenes action of a team of creatives, working to make magic happen...

Imagine yourself preparing for a day of shooting...

Whether you're the drop-dead gorgeous model selling the magic, or you're the creative visionary capturing it behind the lens, a lot of teamwork goes into that one dynamic shot. Here you'll get to see a quick peek at the different roles that help make the magic you see happen. From developing the idea, to the execution, check out this great collaborative process below!
Great Vintage & Statement Pieces Galore!

The Process Begins!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Capturing the Perfect Shot.

A Little Behind the Scenes Action.

You can't really go wrong shooting a beautiful model on a bright & sunny day in California. Not to mention, being able to work with a team of visionaries that share your same great passion to CREATE & INNOVATE. Hope you enjoyed the peek, stay tuned for behind the scene action!

Check out some of the final images below!

A big thank you to everyone involved, be sure to check out & follow them on Instagram!

Photographer: Zack Rodetis-Urenda - @Zack_of_alltrades
Hair & Makeup: Alexis Sherwood - @Sherwoodforest_
Model: Tina Johnson - @Imightbeher
Directed & Written By: Twanika Jett - @Str8CaliStyle


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