LA Fashion Week With Supermodel Sam Sarpong

11:32:00 PM

[Credit: Deepan Jaddoo]

I was recently able to catch up with this great quadruple threat, Sam Sarpong. Known for his Supermodel expertise and skills in front of the camera, Sam shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. From being the face of Tommy Hilfiger for years as well as other famed designers to co-hosting next to none other than 'That 70's Show' star, Wilmer Valderrama, Sam already has some serious experience under his belt.

If you didn't get to check out the interview I did with him a while back, click on this link to get to know him a little better.  Interview With Sam Sarpong

[Credit: Bustle Runway Show]
[Credit: Allen Hollister] 

I was also able to enjoy a few of the display collections as well as amazing art pieces hung all over the ceiling. And to my surprise, alot of familiar faces were spotted. From old friends, to new friends and all in between, it's safe to say this night was a success. 

Be sure to check out Sam, as well as the other great people included. Have you had a chance to catch a show yet? If so, what are some of your favorite designers/Collections? 

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