Rumor Has It: Drake Hooking Up With Lil Wayne's Fiance?

11:59:00 AM


Welp, I'm sure this isn't the first time you've read about "so-called" beef between Drake & Lil Wayne. Unfortunately this one seems a little bit more personal than previous stories.

Seems as though rumors are circulating, saying that Drake has not only pursued Wayne's girls in the past, but is in fact hooking up with his now fiance, Dhea Sodano. It's also rumored that there are respect and money issues amongst the fellow friends.


You have to admit, Wayne knows how to pick them!

He might be picking them too good, considering rumor has it Drake has gone after of few of Wayne's previous girls. According to sources, it's to be believed that Drake first time getting involved with one Wayne's girls, happened while he was incarcerated. The girlfriend at the time was said to be singer, Shanelle. This time, it is said that Drake has had a crush on Dhea for months now, and she was recently spotted at his home for an extended period of time.

Another issue reportedly arising, is that Drake and Wayne have been butting heads for a minute now. Apparently Wayne feels as if Drake doesn't show enough respect to him and his fellow Young Money team, all the while Drake feels as though Wayne and the label are taking too much of his money.

Not sure how true any of this is, but nonetheless interesting. What are your thoughts?

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