Will Smith's Law of Attraction Theory

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Hello Lovely People!!

So, this post is far different from anything I normally write about, but I feel so compelled to share this with you. First thing I want you to do is WATCH IN FULL.

Now, I want you to understand why this video has ultimately changed how I VIEW & how I LIVE my life.

First & foremost, Will Smith has always been an underlying role model to me. I didn't know what it was about him that kept me so intrigued, but 15+ years later Im still in awe.  If not more than ever now because of this video. I've always felt Will Smith was an all around 'talented' man. I even sincerely believe my brother looks so much like him. Weird right?

Well, if you know me personally or know of me at all, you would know I'm a very spontaneous person. All my life i've never been afraid to try and learn new things. Even if I WAS fearful of doing something, I made it my duty to push through and just do it! Growing up I always felt in my heart that I was going to be someone of significance as well as someone of change. I didn't know I how was going to get there but I just knew I was going to the top.

Thruought my years I've tried basketball, violin, cross country, color guard, glee club, etc to figure out what my 'Talent' was. I wanted to be a Lawyer, Judge, Forensic Specialist, Fashion Designer, and many more lol. I was in search of that ONE thing that I excelled at, and that made me stand above the crowd. Yet, everything I tried fell through. Rather it didn't catch my eye, it was too hard, too easy, or I just forgot about it all together. What made it harder was that, soo many of my friends could do amazing things! I had friends who could draw their butts off, friends who could sing their heart out, and others with many other talents.

That was my one thing in life I have been in search of endlessly. What is my niche?

Even as of recently I've been feeling so discouraged because I feel I have no life. All my friends know me for is working REALLY hard. Every time they wanted to go out or invite me places, I usually have to decline because I have to work or had homework. And If I did want to go, I had to go through hell and high water to take off. I felt like such a hermit.

Just like Will Smith said (which really surprised me) "I've never really viewed myself as particularly talented. Where I excel is RIDICULOUS... SICKENING... work ethic. While the other guys are sleeping... I'm working. While the other guys are eating... I'm working."

When I first heard these words come out that mans mouth my jaw dropped. I instantly thought "How could the quadruple threat, or whatever he is, say that he doesn't hink he's talented? For heavens sake, this man is a mogul!" But as I really sat and understood what he was saying, I started crying because I felt that he was literally speaking MY words. When he broke down the difference between Talent & Skill everything at that moment became so clear. When he used his 'Treadmill" example, LIFE itself snapped into place for me.

My Work Ethic IS that one thing I take pride in. Any job I have, I make it my duty to excel. I'm not at that job to pass time. I'm at that job to make the best out of the opportunities handed, and I want to work my way up the totem pole. School and Work are two things you have to pry me away from. Im all about learning and trying to better myself everyday. And THAT'S what Will Smith says he does.

I always felt crazy and silly for always wanting to help people. Always wanting to push people to be better, especially everything that i've gone through over the years & in my life in general. Past couple of years my circumstances turned me into a 'Negative Nancy'. It was hard to make a positive thought my first initial reaction. I always saw what was wrong at first. I've actively been working on the power of positive thinking because I know it can fix soo many things I have going on. The only problem is I wasn't consistent. But now hearing him literally talk about speaking things into existence and NOT being 'Realistic', really opened my eyes.

"Being Realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity."

So every since I found this video, I make it my duty to watch it a few time a days. I must remind myself that my manin enemy is self-doubt, and if I consciously work to erase that and do the opposite I will be exactly where I want to be in due time. Only I need to believe in what i'm doing. And if I honestly believe then only I have to the power to make it happen.

I know I have a long way to go, but my future doesn't seem so far fetched to me anymore. Im gonna have to put in the hard work and dedication to "Lay each brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid" so In time I will have a wall built by baby steps, blood, sweat, & tears. I have a plan and i'm going to do whats necessary to play out that plan. Whether it happens in 2 years or 20.

I have always believed that I was here to make a difference. No matter how small of a difference I make... I made it. I believe that everyday you're alive, you should take the steps to become a better person then you were yesterday. I believe that you should learn something new everyday because there is so much knowledge in the world to be retained. I believe everyone should travel because this world is full of beautiful places miracles to experience.

I hope that this video or anything I said could have sparked something in someone reading this. The main message I wanted you to get out of this is to 'Think what you want into existence'. ONLY you will get YOU to where you want to go & only YOU can deter yourself. Stay FOCUSED. Stay MOTIVATED. Stay POSITIVE. Above all... remember NOTHING happens overnight.


"I want to do GOOD. I want the world to be better because I was here."

“The Man who says he can, and the man who says he can not.. Are both correct”

― Confucius

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