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This blog is a pure expression of MYSELF. I post whatever my little heart desires at that moment, with only hopes that whoever views it would have enjoyed reading it as much as I had writing them. Over these past few years I have been to ‘Rock Bottom” & back. I have learned so many life lessons that have helped develop the woman I am today.
My goal in life is to be successful in all my endeavors, while hopefully inspiring & motivating other people to be great. My love for music, traveling, food, fashion etc.. opens so many portals for me to reach out to people. I plan on tapping into any and EVERY thing I can. This will not be your typical Beauty or Fashion page… My mind consists of much more than that!
Everyday I strive to learn new ways to better myself as a person in the world and as a Woman in general. Here you will get to see all of that. You’ll see me let go of inhibitions & anything holding me back from fulfilling life as much as I possibly can.
Be prepared to LAUGH, CRY, & enjoy some WTF moments.
This is the New Me! Everything from my Personality, Style, to Attitude has changed. Not to mention all that’s in between. Live vicariously through me as a 20-something yr old navigating through this Adventurous Journey called LIFE.

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